Regular SpikeEdit

Regular spike

A regular spike.

A regular spike is one of the rarest obstacles in the game, but it is oddly shown first in the tutorial along with the Moving Spike.

Moving SpikeEdit

Moving spike 1

A moving spike. (de-activated)

Moving spike 2

A moving spike. (activated)

A moving spike is a spike which is moving, and is much easier to pass then a Regular Spike.


Lava JumpsEdit

ROBLOX Run lava jump

A lava jump.

A lava jump is a common obstacle that you have to jump over.

Acid JumpsEdit

Acid jump

An Acid Jump.

An acid jump is the same as a lava jump, except made of acid. It is slightly rarer then the lava jump.


Wood SliderEdit

The Wood Slider is a wooden slider you have to slide under with Tool 4 (Fall).

Lava SliderEdit

The Lava Slider is a slider made of lava you have to slide under with Tool 4 (Fall).

Acid SliderEdit

The Acid Slider was a cancelled obstacle that was made of acid you have to slide under with Tool 4 (Fall).


Stairs are obstacles that help the player progress to move up or down.


Tightropes are thin platforms you have to walk across.


Lasers are obstacles you jump over. They were originally meant to be slid under.

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